The Ultimate Sex Toy Industry Guidebook

Sex Toy Industry Guidebook- Woman holding dildo

It’s undeniable, sex toys have become more mainstream than ever and for good reasons. Not only can they make it easier for individuals to orgasm, but can make sex and foreplay have more variety. But just because they’re more commonplace doesn’t mean that the manufacturers and sellers are honest with you when they’re selling you their toys. That’s why I’m here to guide you through the sex toy industry so that you know what to do and what to avoid.

Sex Toy Myths

To start off, there are a lot of sex toy myths out there on what you can and cannot do. Here, we’ll tackle the ones that are most likely going to put you and your health in danger.

Anything can be a sex toy if you’re brave enough-  Whoever started this myth has clearly not been in the sex toy industry. Putting anything that isn’t body safe inside or around your genital area can damage or even kill you (That 1000 Ways to Die episode with the carrot dildo still gives me nightmares).

Wood and glass toys can fall apart inside you- As these toys are usually not hollow or flimsy, it’s unlikely that these toys break apart inside you. The only exception to this rule are Etsy made products where the craftsmanship and durability is not always guaranteed. Dangerous Lilly has done some great articles about why you shouldn’t buy certain Etsy products, but if you buy from a trusted manufacturer that uses thicker materials, you should be fine.
Toy Cleaner is all you need to keep your toys perfectly safe- While antibacterial sprays help clean certain toys, it shouldn’t be all that’s used. Depending on how porous the toy is, you cleaning habits can go from soap and water to cleaning spray to putting condoms on said toy so it doesn’t get dirty. Just be careful if you have a porous toy as using a condom on them will not help out 100%.

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