I Gave My Husband A Fifi

What’s a fifi?  Well if you go by urban dictionary a Fifi is a homemade sex toy.  More specifically, it is a homemade sex toy for men.  Most often associated with desperate & lonely men in prison.

No Really, What’s a Fifi?

Fifi is a new brand of arrival to the male masturbation toys category.  There are a number of male masturbators on the market today with the fleshlight being the most popular.  But let’s call Fifi the male masturbator for men gentlemen.

fifi male masterbator or masturbator

Fifi holds two advantages over other male sex toys.  First it’s discreet.  Where most masturbation toys for men are kind of obscene.  Fifi is practically classy.  If you didn’t know what you were looking at, a sex toy would not be your first guess.

And second.  It’s not gross.  Now as a woman, I can’t say I have ever used one, but other male masturbation toys seem disgusting to me.  I mean you guys are blowing your stuff in there and then what?  Unless you clean it perfectly every-time there is going to be buildup.  Fifi has disposable sleeves that make clean-up super easy.  Just dispose of the evidence and you’re good to go.

How Does Fifi Work (Video)

What My Husband Had to Say After Using Fifi

I have to say, masturbating with the Fifi was pretty cool.  The disposable sleeves felt pretty good.  Load it up with some lube and it’s definitely better than your hand.  You can adjust the tightness.  And it acts almost like a jacket.  It actually retains some heat so the longer you go the warmer it gets.  That was a nice feature.  But the best part was the clean-up.  When I am done the last thing I want is to go “do the laundry.”  Just slip the sleeve out and throw it away.  Awesome toy.


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