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Why I Love Vixen Creations Dildos and You Will Too

I asked you, dear readers, what you wanted to see reviewed and you demanded more dildos, which thrilled me to no end. So, since your wish is my command,  I am going to tell you all about Vixen Creations dildos which I feel are the best I

A Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Right Dildo Size

A dildo may not be the first toy that comes to mind when you think about the sex toy market. After all, with all of the amazing vibrators out there with all of their multiple functions and purposes, especially the luxury ones, you may feel like you’re

I Fell In Love With An Uncut Dildo – Review

Behold, the Uncut #1 Dual Density Silicone Dildo from Tantus. The name isn’t sexy but the dildo sure is. I had never much thought about uncut dildos before, but a friend who works in the sex toy industry pointed out that there is actually a real lack

4 of the Best Realistic Dildos – 2016

Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, sometimes it’s extra erotic to have a dildo that not only feels great, but looks super realistic as well. Best Overall Realistic Dildo The VixSkin Tex Silicone Dildo is probably the perfect size for most people. This dildo not

Best Adult Sex Toy Cleaner

Sex toys should be cleaned.  If you are going to invest in a toy you not only want to make sure it lasts, you want to make sure it’s safe.  Vibrators and dildos spend a lot of time up against your warm body at the perfect temperature

3 Best Selling Glass Dildos

I have mentioned before how much I love glass sex toys.  They are drastically underrated in my opinion.  If you have never tried a glass dildo before I encourage you to buy one ASAP. 6 Reasons I Love Glass Dildos No seams.  Glass is as smooth as