7 Surprising Facts About Women’s Sexuality

I think that in this day and age we have come to terms with the fact that all women masturbate.  Most polls about sex suggest that by the time a woman has entered her 20’s, she has masturbated.  This should come as a shock to nobody.  Here are 7 facts about the sexuality of women that may be a bit more surprising.

1.  Women really like watching gay men have sex.

According to a new study, when women were asked about their porn habits, gay male finished second only to lebian porn.  (Source:  Pink News)

2.  We’re basically clueless about what other women do.

In one study, women said they thought other women self-penetrate with sex toys or their fingers while masturbating. (Source:  Women’s Health)  Actually, most women don’t get off this way, choosing to focus mainly on clitoral stimulation.  Just remember though, do what feels good, there is no “normal way to masturbate.”

3.  Finding your G-spot may improve the likelihood of orgasm.

Many sex experts have championed this area of female genitalia, which reportedly contains a large number of nerve endings, as the key to helping women achieve longer and stronger orgasm.

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4.  Orgasms can happen without genital stimulation.

While rare, experts say there may be some truth to this phenomenon.  Ever heard about the friend of a friend who has an orgasm every time she goes to the gym?  Well increased blood flow to the genitals and pressure against the clitoris (think tight yoga pants) may induce a “spontaneous orgasm.” (Source:  Woman’s Day)

5.  You are less likely to be grossed out when you are aroused.

According to a study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, sexual arousal overrides the body’s natural “disgust response.” When researchers asked women to watch either an erotic film, a sports video, or a “neutral” video of a train, and then perform a series of unpleasant acts (like drinking out of a cup with a bug in it), they found that those who’d watched the sexual acts rated the tasks as less disgusting—and were also able to complete more of them. (Source:  Fox News)

6.  Some women actually experience the same feeling of arousal when thinking about food as when having sex.

Actually, this one may not be surprising.

7.  Good sex triggers the part of your brain associated with falling in love.

This is the gist of a detailed report produced by Helen Fisher.

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