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Lelo Gigi 2 (Why I Love This Vibrator)

Review: Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator The first thing I need to mention about the Lelo Gigi 2 is that it is a bit smaller than I had expected.  If you are looking to get that “filled up feeling,” you are not going to find that here. 

5 Best Selling G-spot Vibrators

A G-spot vibrator is one of my favorite sex toys on the market.  I own a lot of vibrators and I like to use different ones depending on my mood.  But if I had to give up all but one of my vibrators, I would definitely keep

How to Choose the Best Vibrator

Choosing the best vibrator to buy is like picking out the right dress to wear on Friday night.  What works for your friend’s body type, may not work for you.   Sure your friend swears by the orgasms she receives nightly from her trusty rabbit vibrator, but maybe

Bondage for Beginners – Your Guide to Gear

Bondage is the practice of experiencing sexual gratification during the act of being restrained.  Bondage is also one of the fastest growing ways that couples are choosing to spice up their sex lives.  Done correctly, bondage play between two loving and trusting partners is an exhilarating and