10 Reasons You Need LE WAND DEUX in Your Life

Le Wand Deux is a small vibrator that completely surpassed all my expectations. When Betty’s Toy Box offered me the Le Wand Deux to review, I jumped at the chance. After all, Le Wand is a fantastic brand with a stellar reputation for quality and design, but I couldn’t have predicted how much I was going to love this little powerhouse. Here are my top 10 reasons why you need the Le Wand Deux in your life.

Le Wand Deux is very pretty.

I know we can’t judge a vibe by its exterior but the folks at Le Wand really made a fantastic design choice in the colors in this collection. Each Le Wand Chrome Collection Vibrator comes in either sleek black with black chrome accents or this gorgeous rose gold color with gold chrome accents which gives it a truly luxurious look and feel.

Small and discreet

This is a vibrator that fits completely in the palm of my hand. It is very slim, at only 1 inch across and only 4.5 inches long, and it’s about half an inch wide but it has a good weight to it (about 3 ounces) that makes it feel more substantial than other smaller vibes I have used.  The long and thin design also means I can put it in place against my clit with less of a reach around than I get from a short, small bullet vibrator. I should also mention that it comes with its own soft black travel case which means you really can take this anywhere

So very quiet

This may be the quietest vibrator that I own. It is ‘under the blankets with somebody else in the room’ level of quiet. Part of that is the silicone tips, which help to diffuse sound, but a lot of it is just a really great quality motor which leads to my next point…

Intense power

The motor on the Le Wand Deux is rumbly, quiet, and powerful. To me, this is the true test of whether a vibe is worth the money a company is asking. When I use the Deux, I feel like Le Wand has spent the time and effort to design a quality motor that can deliver everything from a low rumble to a staccato pattern successfully and without feeling buzzy, tickling, and annoying. I am doubly impressed when I remember that this is Le Wand’s first foray into any kind of smaller, clitoral vibrator.

Pleasure in stereo

Despite its demure size, the Le Wand Deux has 2 motors – one in each tip. The marketing copy refers to the effect as “pleasure in stereo” and I can’t help but agree. It means your clitoris is getting stimulation on two sides, which I found much more intense than a traditionally shaped bullet. When you press down slightly on the clitoris with these two ears, I found the vibration seemed to travel deeper into my pelvis for a deeper arousal.

Intuitive Buttons

I seriously loved the control buttons on the Deux and here’s why: You can completely avoid the patterns! I am not a patterns girl and I get very frustrated with vibrators that have that one button which gives you more and more and more power and then – oops – you went one press too far and now you’re stuck cycling through some patterns you didn’t want. It really kills the buzz (so to speak).

Deux has a + button which turns it on and you keep pressing that to cycle through 6 levels of power.  For less intensity, there’s a – button. Hooray! If you want to experience the 15 patterns, you press the O button for that. You can also go + and – in intensity for any of the patterns as well.

Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at least try out the patterns and I have to say that there are some I really enjoyed. Because Deux is such a powerful vibrator, it was great to try some of the patterns for edging and some of them really do keep you on the edge, I must say. At top power level, some of the patterns are incredibly intense and a lot of fun.

Bathtime fun

You wouldn’t think it to look at it, but you can use the Deux in water. Their website says it can be “immersed in pure water up to 1.6 feel for 30 minutes.” Because of the way this vibe charges (see below) I would be hesitant to take it in the water a lot, to be honest, in case water gets into the USB. I did test it out in the water to see how it felt (amazing) and I would say that the chrome grip makes it a bit slippery when wet but the silicone buttons make up for that by being easy to find and use underwater.

No charging cords

Le Wand Deux is directly USB Rechargeable. Just pull the top away from the bottom and you have a USB stick right there so no more fumbling with and losing your charging cords! This alone makes it such a fantastic addition to my nightstand because I am terrible at keeping track of my charging cords. Also, I did find that the direct USB charging is more reliable and stays in place while charging as opposed to some magnetically charged devices like the We-Vibe Tango.

Super versatile

Although the two prongs on the Deux don’t pull apart, they do have a slight bit of give, which I like. Hard vibes are not my favorite. And because of that lovely, silky silicone, I wanted to try this vibe on every inch of skin! It feels really great on nipples, the perineum and pretty much everywhere during foreplay. Also, because it is slender, it is easy to use in conjunction with a dildo or during partnered sex without being intrusive.

Le Wand is a woman owned and led company

Le Wand is a brand I truly admire. After all, it takes guts to reinvent not only the wand vibrator (Le Wand and Le Wand Petite) but also the sex machine (The Cowgirl). The founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair has built her company around body safe, quality products, with a focus on education that I really respect.

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