How Happy Rabbit Rocked My World

Rabbit vibrators aren’t always my go-to when I’m looking for a steamy solo session so I was a little skeptical when I received the Happy Rabbit G-Spot for review. But, I went into the review with an open mind and lots of lube and, let me tell you, I was thrilled with the outcome. 

What is the Happy Rabbit

The Happy Rabbit G-Spot is part of an entire line of powerful rabbits made by Lovehoney. They’re definitely not budget toys, clocking in around the $100 mark so I was expecting a good bang for my buck. The G-Spot model has a bulbous curved tip at the end of a pretty substantial shaft, and a clitoral tickler that is actually shaped like a bunny head and ears. The marketing copy boasts powerful multiple motors, so that was on my radar as well. 

The long, thick shaft had me seeing stars.

How does the Happy Rabbit work

The Happy Rabbit G-spot is a pretty simple rabbit to use, with one panel of buttons on the front of the handle that are easy to reach when you are using it. There are two motors in this bunny, one in the shaft and one in the clitoral branch, so you get a lot of power going to your two key erogenous zones. The shaft has 3 levels and 9 patterns of vibration and the ears have 3 levels of vibration as well. 

What makes the Happy Rabbit special

What I loved about this rabbit was the size and shape of the shaft and clitoral bunny bulb. The shaft is a pretty impressive 5.25 inches of insertable length, and 1.5 inches wide which is longer and thicker than average for a rabbit style vibrator. The clitoral bunny arm is pretty long and thick as well so it covers more of your clit and gives some intense vibrations where you want it most. 

The other thing I really liked was the flexible shaft, so you could get the g-spot curve where you want it as you thrust. 

My experience with the Happy Rabbit

I love being pleasantly surprised by a sex toy and the Happy Rabbit G-spot was definitely one of those cases. In fact, it has the distinction of being the only rabbit in recent memory that made me squirt. For me, what made the difference was the long shaft and g-spot bulb. The vibrations were really powerful and I found that I was able to do shallow thrusting while still keeping the clitoral bulb in contact. That’s a big beef with me and rabbits. Many of them are compact, which means if you want some thrusting action, the clitoral stimulator is going to be coming in and out of contact and that gets just frustrating. 

I also found that with the bending of the shaft, I could do shallow thrusts that teased my entrance and perineum, which is what ultimately puts me into blended orgasm and squirting territory. The bunny head clit bulb is also flexible where it joins the shaft so that it really allows you to maneuver and keep the clit bulb in constant contact while thrusting. 

I had a great time using this bunny, although it started out a bit slower as I figured out the best way for it to work with my body. I used lots of my favorite Wicked Simply Jelle lube and played around until I found some fantastic angles for a combination of thrusting and just riding out the double vibrations. What I ended up with was a blended clitoral and g-spot orgasm that made me squirt and left me deliciously rung out. 

Is the Happy Rabbit worth it?

If you’re new to sex toys and rabbits, you may want to try something more budget friendly to start out with. This is a pricier bunny and I would hate for you to find out it just doesn’t work with your body.  

If you’re an experienced vibrator user and what I’ve said is appealing to you, then I think the Happy Rabbit G-Spot is a really great toy. It’s powerful and flexible and delivers what it promises – great vibration on the clit and internally. It also doesn’t have all the gyrating, rotating and other bells and whistles which some other rabbits have and to me, that’s a bonus. Because it’s silicone, you can really experiment with it (anal anybody?) and totally disinfect afterwards, plus it’s splashproof so you can play in the shower. If you’re up for the $100 price tag, and you’re in the market for a good rabbit, the Happy Rabbit G-Spot could be your new favorite sex toy. 

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