Sex machines are one of those things I have always been intrigued by but because they usually come with a hefty price tag, I figured I would have to keep dreaming. When I was offered the chance by my friends at Betty’s Toy Box to try the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine by Evolved Novelties, I jumped at the chance.


The Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine promises 3 inches of thrust that mimics actual penetrative sex, all in a toy that can be held in the palm of your hand. Oh and it vibrates too, of course. It has 3 intensities and 4 different patterns which you can use at any intensity. It’s silicone and rechargeable, which is a big bonus. This toy is called splash proof, not waterproof, which generally means you can take it in the shower but not the tub. I am always careful not to get splash proof toys too soaked.


The Infinite is LOOOOONG. Top to bottom it’s 12 inches and the purple part, which theoretically is the insertable bit, is 8 inches. That’s before it starts expanding to thrust. When I turned it on and activated the thrusting mechanism, then took a tape measure to it, the accordion part seemed to expand closer to 4 inches than the promised 3 which was… a bit intimidating actually.

The width of the Infinite is 1.4 inches at the tip, so it’s not a girthy toy. It does have that nice bulb on the tip which means you can aim it at the g-spot nicely. And the silicone is silky smooth on top of a very rigid shaft. There is no give whatsoever on this toy, which is good considering its main purpose is to drive in and out relentlessly.

I should also mention that the buttons were really easy to find and stand out in deep purple against the white handle. The on button is easy – just press and you’ve got power, with lit up buttons. A zigzag indicates the vibration button and up and down arrow indicate thrusting. Super simple.


The first thing I noticed when I turned it on is that it’s LOUD. The vibrations are pretty quiet but the thrusting mechanism itself has this grinding sound as it expands and contracts. But, given the size of the thing to begin with, I knew this was not going to be a discreet toy.

The vibrations without the thrusting are a nice addition to foreplay. The solid tip against the clitoris acts as a good vibe to get things started. It’s when the thrusting comes into play that things get interesting.

Turning on the lowest thrusting speed, it took a minute to get used to how it worked. Used to more do-it-yourself vibes, my first instinct was to let my hand go back and forth with the handle. That was more than a little counter-productive. I quickly realized that I was going to need some lube to really ease the way with this toy. There is nothing subtle about it and if you do not have a good amount of lubrication, it is just going to bump against your clit, your labia, etc.

Once I was thoroughly lubed up, the whole experience became a lot more enjoyable. The best thing to do, I discovered, was to just give the Infinite room to do its thing. It really does have great thrust for going in and out of a vagina. I quickly realized though that if it was hindered by me clamping my thighs together or putting any form of resistance on it, the thrusts would stop. Still, I was able to angle it nicely to my g-spot and just let it thrust away which felt fantastic.

Now, the problem is that I do need clitoral stimulation for orgasm, so I discovered the best thing to do was introduce a strong bullet that can more or less stay in place. I tried a wand at first but holding that and controlling the Infinite took way too much coordination and was really harshing my buzz. You do need to keep a firm hand on the handle of the Infinite in order to keep the thrusting action going on inside you. It has no forward momentum on its own and relies on you anchoring the base to keep it going forward.

Was I able to orgasms with the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine? Yes. Eventually through some trial and error. Once I got the hang of it I was able to lay back and enjoy the ride.


If you love the feeling of being wide open and having something thrusting into you, the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine is the toy for you. I can see a lot of potential for couples using this on each other too, since it allow the thrusting action to continue longer than a mere human can usually keep going! Because it is a lot to handle, I do not recommend it for folks with mobility issues. I can say that the length of the toy and the scope of the thrust make it great for folks with bigger bodies and juicy curves to reach around. It will not be on regular rotation in my particular goody drawer but I will certainly pull it out when I want some down and dirty thrusting action.

I Tried the Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine
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Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine

The Infinite Thrusting Sex Machine promises 3 inches of powerful thrust, with 3 vibration intensities and 4 patterns. It claims to be a hand-held sex machine. Does it live up to its promises?