Fun Factory Volta is one of those vibrators that reminds me I can still be surprised by a sex toy. This duck billed wonder was released last year and when I first saw it, I groaned. When you’ve been reviewing sex toys as long as I have you get jaded. There are too many companies out there releasing oddly shaped toys that make you wonder if they ever even tested them on an actual person with actual sex organs. And although I have used and loved Fun Factory toys in the past, I admit that at first glance, they too had fallen prey to releasing completely confusing, underwhelming toys.

Well, I am here to tell you that I was oh so very wrong. I happily admit it. Fun Factory Volta is a powerful, rumbly, amazingly stimulating vibe that was a thrill for my clitoris and astounding on my nipples and the rest of my skin. There. I said it.

True to Fun Factory form, the controls on this vibe are incredibly simple. A bright red FUN button to get it going, then a + or – button to scroll up and down through the 6 levels of intensity and 6 vibration patterns. In this case, the powerful motor is causing not only the body of the toy to rumble but for those duck bills to vibrate. I had to take a video because it looks pretty crazy and I felt like you needed to see it to believe.

So what does the Fun Factory Volta feel like? Before using it, I thought the vibrating tips may tickle but I had sorely underestimated the power of this toy. Because of the deep, rumbly vibrations, even the lowest setting gives you some pretty intense feels. On your nipples or vulva, you get an arousing fluttering along with a deeper rumbly vibration that feels amazing. If you surround your clitoris with the vibrating wings, the vibration resonates deeply through the pelvis for a deeper, more intense arousal than you would ever expect from an external toy that isn’t a full powered wand.

Of course, as you would expect from Fun Factory, this toy is body safe, waterproof, and rechargeable. It also has that characteristic looped handle which I love. Not only does the loop help you keep a more firm grip on the toy, particularly once lube becomes involved and everything gets slippery, but it takes the strain off your hands and wrist, allowing you to keep a lighter but more effective grip. Coupled with a fairly light weight and really big and easy to use buttons, this is a dream toy for anybody older or with mobility issues.

You may have already guessed that I loved the Fun Factory Volta. I highly recommend it for folks who love strong clitoral stimulation, for anybody who loves nipple play and using toys for foreplay, and for folks who can benefit from a lightweight toy with a sturdy grip and big buttons. I also give it bonus points for its fairly silly appearance and ability to completely and utterly surprise me in the best possible way.