The Womanizer Pro Pleasure Air is the luxury offering from a company that burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with some big claims of revolutionizing clitoral stimulation and masturbation. With Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology, they were promising intense, targeted, and powerful stimulation of the clitoris with powerful bursts of air and suction instead of the traditional vibration of other toys.

With a price point far above may traditional luxury vibrators and some problems keeping enough product on the shelves, I would argue that they were eclipsed for a while by the quick-to-market and budget-friendly Satisfyer line of toys, which I have reviewed extensively.

Womanizer is at the top of their game now, coming out with several incarnations of their patented technology with a style and attention to quality that has really been impressing me, so without further ado, let’s dig into their luxury product, the Womanizer Pro



All Womanizer products use a patented Pleasure Air Technology which they describe as a “powerful combination of suction and pressure waves” allowing for intense hands free “100% pleasure and bliss.” They also claim that it stimulates without direct clitoral contact. Now, maybe I’m being a stickler for the details, but to use this product, you must place it over your clitoris. It must create a suction type seal around the edges of your clitoris to work. And when you consider all those little nerve endings, and how deep into the body the clitoris goes, I’m going to argue that the only part of the exterior clitoris that isn’t directly touched is the very teeny tiny tip of the big clitoral iceberg.Womanizer how to use

Rant aside, the Womanizer Pro gives you 12 levels of intensity, but I honestly have never gotten past 4 or 5. Oh, and you can take it in the tub or shower because this thing is waterproof! It is a rechargeable toy, with a silicone covered port on the underside and it claims to hold 4 hours of power after a 90-minute charge. Mine shows no signs of running low after several uses, so I am giving it a solid A+ on charge life.

In terms of noise, this Womanizer is probably a 2 out of 5 (with 5 being something you can hear from another room!). It is noisy before you put it in place but when it is snug over your clit, it is stealthy. Be prepared for some alarming and loud sounding squelching if you move it around in the tub or while using lube though.



I love the simplicity of the buttons on this toy. The on/off button is a classy Swarovski crystal that you can easily find and holding it down for a few seconds will power you on or off. The 8 levels intensity are controlled by a simple + and – selection placed on a slightly raised silver metallic bar and easy to feel without looking. When you turn it on, the entire tip illuminates with an orangey/red which is a nice touch if you’re using it for partner play and the hand feel overall is fantastic. The tapered end fits nicely in your palm and because you don’t have to move this toy around once it’s in place (theoretically) it is great for folks with mobility issues or arthritis in their hands. The nice Womanizer folks even included 2 extra tips – a standard and an XL – so you can customize your fit, plus a nice satin carrying case.


Womanizer can talk about Pleasure Air Technology all they want but that gives you absolutely no realistic idea of how this product feels once it’s on your clitoris. What that pulsation does is stimulate your clitoris in a different way than traditional vibration. To me, it feels like super intense, targeted oral sex from a tiny bionic tongue. That kind of suction on your clitoris seems to work faster, and more intensely than traditional vibration.

What I experience – and have had others tell me they experience as well – is micro orgasms leading up to one big whopper of an orgasm. Because of its intensity, even at low settings, I find the Womanizer Pro causes these small tremors that I almost didn’t recognize as orgasms at first. I found myself taking the toy off my clitoris when I had one, finding the stimulation too much. What I have learned through repeated use, however, is to ride out the tiny orgasms, and leave the tip in place, letting myself become almost over-stimulated to the point of discomfort, then riding that through to a huge climax. Power queens who love a good session with a wand can probably relate most to this feeling.



I am going to give that question a big yes, but with some qualifications. If you have some experience with vibrators and want to try something completely different and powerful, then hell yes. If you have problems achieving clitoral orgasm because of medication or a medical condition, then I absolutely think you should give it a try. If you have mobility issues in your body or hands, this may also be great for you if you can get it into place because it requires very little movement after that. If you like edge play and lots of power, this may also be a great toy for you.

Who would I not recommend the Womanizer Pro to? Anybody who has even a hint of discomfort paying the large price tag on this toy. To be brutally honest, there are other toys on the market that can give you a similar experience (although not as powerful) for a much more reasonable price, including the Womanizer Starlet and the Satisfyer Pro. If you’re looking to buy your first vibrator, this may be a big step to take, particularly considering the price point.