Dame Product’s Eva Review

by Eric

The History of Eva

Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, two twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn, set out to change the way women experience sex. With backgrounds in sex therapy and mechanical engineering, the duo paired up to create Dame Products, a sex-toy company that built the first ever hands-free, non-intrusive wearable vibrator to add clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

According to the Center for Sexual Health, only 64% of women reported having had an orgasm at their last sexual encounter.  Fine and Lieberman call this the “pleasure gap,” and are hoping their product will help narrow it.  According to the Kinsey Institute, up to 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. But Dame Products suggests that providing such stimulation during sex “is often awkward, tiring, or disruptive to one or both partners.” That’s exactly where their vibrator, The Eva, comes in.  Eva was supposed to be THE game changer, it provides clitoral stimulation in a device that can be worn by most women during intercourse hands-free.

Our First Couples Vibe

This is our first product that my wife and I have reviewed together.   Dame products provided us with a free sample in exchange for our honest review.  Thank you Dame Products!

eva by dame products hands free clit stimulator

It is something completely new to us and we were both excited to try.  Upon initial inspection Eva looks like a beetle, but a cute beetle! Eva is made of a small motor covered in medical grade silicone and has 3 vibration intensities that are controlled by pushing a button in the middle of the device. It contains two small flexible arms on each side.  The little arms are pinched together and inserted into the labia on top of the clitoris.  The idea is for Eva to sit on top of the clitoris and stimulate the female to orgasm during intercourse.  That way everyone finishes on a high note!

Inserting Eva the first time was a little awkward. I expected this, as using any new accessory always takes a little time and education. It took my wife a little time to find the right spot, but she knew once she found it. I suggest putting it in with little little lube.

Once in place it was time to test it out.  As it turns out, the only position that worked for us was missionary. It’s not our favorite position, but we don’t complain about it either. Due to my wife’s anatomy, Eva rested directly over her vagina, and it was a little tough getting in there at first. We had to hold Eva in place when we started having sex. I think the motor area is too large for the area it is supposed to cover.

Once I did get inside her, the vibrations felt good for both of us. My wife has only been using toys for a little over a year now, and the vibrations were good enough for her to enjoy it. We used the strongest setting once everything got into place and we both were enjoying our time together. She really liked it when her hips were slightly elevated and I pushed up while we were having sex. She had a quality orgasm and it felt good to me as well.

how to use eva by dame products hands free vibrator

We tried using Eva during cowgirl and doggy style sex. It kept falling out during each position. On the right woman I think it could work for cowgirl, but gravity just works too hard when trying to use with during doggy.

A Great Start

I think the concept that Dame has is fantastic, a hands free vibe for intercourse. The execution works in the missionary, but as every woman is different, it will fit in every labia differently. I could also see a woman wearing Eva in masturbation while reading a book. I wondered if it could be worn while walking around the house doing day to day activities, or with a remote for a partner. This could lead to a fun evening and I am guessing would work better than the remote controlled panties on the market. I really appreciate them trying to make a universal product, but I feel like that Eva 2.0 needs to be developed. As I stated earlier, the motor takes up too much room, I wonder if there is a way to decrease the size while keeping or increasing power to the vibration. I look forward to seeing what Dame develops in the future and testing those products as well. If you love missionary and have always wanted to climax together, this product could be for you.



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