Vibrating cock rings are my favorite sex toys because of the variety and the fun both parties can get out of them. That’s why when I saw this bunny-eared beauty, I knew I had to try it out.


First Impressions

The O’Hare XL Rabbit Ring is a little different from the other cock rings you might have come across. Apart from the bunny ears designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris more effectively, there are two penis rings; one for the penis shaft and one to go around the testicles to keep it balanced. The silicone rings are soft to the touch and stretchy enough that they could probably fit comfortably on a wide array of penis sizes.

As this is a vibrating cock ring, we should talk about the vibrations that this ring can produce. This is the first ring I’ve come across where there are multiple speeds and pulsations available, which is a refreshing change. The vibrations are centered around the ears and bullet instead of the actual ring like many other toys I’ve tested. For such a small bullet, the vibrations are intense, even on a low setting. Let’s see how those vibrations work in the bedroom…

Getting Down

O Hare XL Rabbit Ring_1

This ring is so big and stretchy that it can fit on my wrist.

I’m very glad this toy comes in regular and extra large sizes since I’ve had trouble having toys fit my partner in the past. I ended up getting the extra large size for this cock ring and that went on a lot smoother. It was still a little tight around the testicle ring, but not uncomfortable enough that it takes away from the pleasure. As for the rabbit ears, they are correctly positioned to stimulate me, so I felt every single vibration on my clit, even on the lowest speed. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to orgasming during sex. Afterwards, I found that the cock ring almost shrunk as it became more uncomfortable and restricting when my partner tried to take it off. You will need to take it off slowly to avoid pain and injury.


What Did You Think?

 The O’Hare XL Rabbit Ring will most definitely be incorporated into my sex routine. It’s enjoyable for both parties as it’s comfortable for a wide variety of men and it hits all the right spots that a vibrating cock ring should for me. The soft and stretchy material almost feel like velvet, which makes me feel like a princess in my most intimate moments. It has become a permanent member of my ever-expanding toy collection.