Liberator Wedge – Time for a New Perspective on Sex

by Eric

The Liberator Wedge was one of the first things I bought to help spice up our marriage.  Most couples will have sex in 3 or 4 of the same positions and laugh if you look at any of the unique positions of the Karma Sutra.  At Liberator, they have made it their mission to make “Bedroom Adventure Gear” to assist in trying new positions and adding a new level of pleasure your usual positions.

liberator-wedge-redliberator wedge
The Wedge is the original Liberator product.  It is constructed with a high density foam that will support the body and prevents sinking into the bed while covered in a soft microfiber cover that is removable and machine washable.  The Wedge sits at a specific 27 degree angle to enhance positions and it available in 2 sizes, base on your height and weight.  My wife is 5’11” and I am 6’4″ so I elected to get the XL size for our height.

Liberating The Mattress

I’m sure many of you have tried using an extra pillow to prop your pelvis during oral, missionary, and doggy style positions.  The pillow gets smashed, wet, and doesn’t really offer that much support.

The high density foam on the Liberator Wedge will save your neck and give you much more stamina during intercourse.  When providing oral on my wife, there is no time limit on how long I can continue servicing her while she is on the Wedge.  She will generally tell me to stop, and as she continues to lay with her pelvis lifted, it is easy to transition into a position such as missionary.  I am able to provide more pressure to her upper pelvis and the g-spot area is much easier to contact with her hips supported at the 27 degree angle.  The angle also assists in easier female ejaculation, so it may be wise to lay down a blanket while you use the Wedge. It just so happens that Liberator sells a blanket  for just this occasion!

couple using liberator wedge

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Once you are comfortable with the Liberator Wedge, you can transition from position to position as if you are practicing sexual yoga. When the Wedge is delivered, it comes with a book of various positions useful for the device. The website also has various instructional videos that can be viewed demonstrating new positions to try and how to transition between them seamlessly.

Setting the Stage

After the kids are in bed, read the book and watch the videos on a laptop or tablet together as foreplay.  Ask what new positions your partner wants to try. You may love it, or just end up laughing at your inability to achieve the position, but either way it can be an adventure together. It will also show positions you can use with the Liberator Ramp, as the 2 products can be combined for a whole new variety of positions!

More Than Just a Fancy Pillow

Liberator has greatly expanded their line over the last decade.  It once started with just the Wedge and Ramp in a blue cover.  There are now multiple colors, shapes and sizes in their product line. They even have a line called the “Black Label” which includes simple restraints if you are ready to branch out into basic BDSM.
liberator with restraints

My Take

We enjoy using our Liberator Wedge periodically.  While the Wedge is the smallest of the Liberator products, it still requires storage under the bed or in a closet.  We use it for longer oral sessions, massages, and a few other positions.  It also enhances female masturbation, as the angle would provide better pleasure on the g-spot and it allows deeper penetration.  If you are looking for new positions during sex, or a basic way to introduce something new to the bed (or floor or stairs) this is a great place to start! It’s a great product to serve your lover. I enjoy telling my wife to just lay down, relax, and let me do all the work.  This is also fun with a blindfold and some new toys.  More on that next time…

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