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My name is Eric and I love to please my wife.  She is smart, beautiful, sexy, and the love of my life!  She is everything to me and there is nothing I love more than encouraging her.  I adore telling her that she is smart, beautiful, sexy, and the love of my life.  We have been together since we were 17 (that’s 18 years!) and married for 11.  She is the only woman I have ever had sex with and there is nothing I enjoy more than giving her ultimate pleasure! We have 2 children and have been through the highs and lows of our relationship while building our family.

A couple years ago our 2nd child was about to turn 2.  My wife had been breastfeeding for over a year, she was excited to take control of her body again but the sex drive was not there.  We would only have sex 1 time a week maybe.  I tried and I tried hard.  She just didn’t want it.  Everything was very vanilla and she would admit she wanted to be more sexually active, but her body didn’t want to.  After some research, she decided to stop taking birth control as it had never completely agreed with her body.  For me, the husband, it was difficult to visualize wearing a condom for birth control with my wife.  At the same time, I also knew that we weren’t having sex often enough for it to matter, and she was wanting to feel better.  I wanted her healthy and happy.  She got her implant removed and waited for her hormones to reset.  The reset took longer than we expected, but as the months went by her libido was increasing.  We found new favorite positions, and I never stopped in my mission to please her.

She started to become open to more things.  She joined a book club with some friends and started reading regularly.  She would finish books early and explore new titles.  Some of the books she read, while not Romance Novels, had erotic moments in them.  This got her wheels turning, her libido increased more, and she started sending me dirty worded text messages.  She began calling me on the phone expressing her desire for me, and sex was happening several times a week in the bedroom.  It was great.  We even tried the experiment of having sex every day for a week.  It brought out new communication between us sexually and made it a priority for us again!

This is my story.  Our sex life was on a long layover and we are embarking on the new stage of sex in our late 30s.  My desire to pleasure her did not start within the last year but it has gone to a different level because she is willing.  It’s a journey we take together, I am just the one who generally initiates new ideas and brings them into our relationship.

I have always loved to buy her gifts. I have always loved to serve her. She likes it when I take control, it’s just her personality.  This weekend while we had a night away from the kids we watched the erotic movie “The Submission of Emma Marx.”  If you are not familiar with the movie, it is similar to 50 Shades, but it is a higher quality of adult movie.  While we were talking during the movie (I told her we had to watch the whole thing) I realized something.  She always asks me to take control in bed, to do what I want, but I realized that I am submitting to her by giving her pleasure.  I have always enjoyed buying her lingerie, her underwear, her pajamas.  I always keep her preferences in mind.  She does not like thongs, so I do not buy her thongs.  She likes padded push up bras.  She wears stretchy chemises to bed in the summer and long pajama sets in the winter, usually satin button down shirts and pants.  I am the primary name on our Victoria’s Secret credit card, I have filled her dresser drawers with various panties and bras.  She had drawers just for her lingerie, although she has her favorites, which are items she finds comfortable, but I also find sexy.

I started introducing toys to the bedroom in the last 6 month.  My wife does not masturbate, even though I have encouraged her to.  She does not orgasm from clitoral stimulation, she does orgasm regularly though.  She enjoys when I give her oral sex, which I love to do, but it does not bring her to orgasm.  I started with a basic bullet vibrator.  It ran on C batteries, and I think it came from a “romance kit” I bought a long time ago, but she was too timid to use it.  I introduced it while I was rubbing her g spot area.  Like many things, it felt good and she climaxed later, but not directly from the toy.  It has become my mission to give her the best orgasms she can possibly have.  I build her up mentally through text messages, phone calls, I send her flowers, I do house work, I cook, and take every day pressures off her mind.  It is a weekly activity for me to charge her mental batteries, give her the hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement to know that she is my goddess.  Our story continues and our adventures have only begun….

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