6 Reasons Why Squirting Orgasms Are Over Rated.

We have written several articles here on ILMV about squirting and the squirting orgasm. They are some of our most popular posts and I’ll link them a little further below if you want to give them a read. So, why am I now saying that squirting orgasms are over rated? As a sex toy reviewer and as a woman of a certain (okay, middle) age I think that the last thing we all need is more information telling us we’re just not good enough as we are, that our bodies aren’t good enough, and that we’re not having good enough sex.

The truth is, some women squirt. Some women don’t squirt. Some women can squirt but don’t like it. And some women (and their partners) may be taking the enjoyment out of some really spectacular sex by searching for something that may or may not happen. Because, let’s face it, orgasms are pretty great. No matter how you have them.

So, without further ado, here are my Top 6 Reasons Why Squirting Orgasms Are Over Rated

  1. There’s not enough research on the topic yet to even know what squirting definitively is and where it emits from, let alone how to guarantee you can have one

    Confused about squirting orgasms? Youre not alone

    Confused about squirting? Youre not alone

  2. That “need to pee” feeling is really uncomfortable and not everyone is going to enjoy being stimulated through that

    What does needing to pee have to do with squirting orgasms

    Needing to pee is not sexy for a lot of us

  3. Not everyone with a vagina enjoys being penetrated, let alone having their g-spot firmly stroked, and that’s okay

    Do squirting orgasms always mean penetration

    No entry should not mean no orgasms

  4. What you see in porn is probably not real. The porn industry fakes an awful lot of things, and squirting orgasms are definitely near the top of the list.

    squirting orgasms in porn are fake

    Never believe what you see in porn

  5. Having squirting as the ultimate goal of a sexual encounter can created a level of stress and disappointment for yourself and your partner that nobody needs
    dont lose sleep over squirting orgasms

    Sex should never cause stress


  6. Orgasms come in all kinds of ways : through nipple stimulation, from intense kissing, through anal stimulation, through clitoral stimulation, with deep vaginal penetration, with shallow vaginal penetration… You get the idea.

keep calm and have an orgasms, not just a squirting orgasm

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