7 Steps to Make Her Squirt – A Woman’s P.O.V.

Have you noticed that if you do a google search for How to Make a Girl Squirt most of the top results are written by men?

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to make a woman squirt from a woman that knows how to squirt herself?

My name is Olivia and I’m going to tell you exactly how me and my husband learned how to give me squirting orgasms.how guys can make a girl squirt

The squirting orgasm is the most powerful orgasm a woman can have.  Trust me.  I only started having them recently.  But once I did, I became a believer.  And if you learn how to make women squirt a couple of things are going to happen.

      1. She will tell all her friends that you were the best she’s ever had.
      2. She will soak the sheets.
      3. She will beg for more sex.

And I am serious about #3.  After my husband learned how to make me squirt, I became obsessed.  I never knew that that much pleasure was possible.  It really opened me up to other possibilities.

Once my husband learned this exact technique, he was able to take me to places I have never been before sexually and he did it very easily.  And he can do it again and again.

  • He could make me squirt without having to last longer in bed.
  • He could make me squirt without getting into crazy upside down, acrobatic positions.
  • It’s like he learned how to find a magic button that turned me on more than ever before.

Ok…Here’s the Steps You Need to Follow to Make Any Girl Squirt

 Step #1

First we have to warm her up.  Start with 1 finger and get her wet.

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