Better Sex After 40 (Harder Erections)

A woman never reveals her age…

But I have no problem telling you that my husband is approaching the big 4-0.

And while he admits turning 40 years old is a lot less scary when you’re 39 than it is when your 29, it does come with its share of tell-tale signs.

But I’m not here to talk about sore backs and aches and pains…

woman over 40

I’m here to talk about great sex.? And more specifically, as I look towards the future I want to explore…

How to Have Great Sex After 40

Now I know that a lot of you are probably laughing (or rolling your eyes) right now.

“I’ve had the best sex of my life after I turned 40.” -Claire S.

And while I’m not quite there yet, I can tell you for 100% certainty the sex I’m having in my 30’s is about a thousand times better than the sex I had in my 20’s.? As a matter of fact, the sex I’m having in my mid to late 30’s is about two hundred times better than my early 30’s.

It all comes down to practice and experience.? The more you try the more you learn and the better you get.

So when Gabrielle Moore reached out to me and asked me if I would accept an advance copy of her newest better sex video series…I said hell yes!

Who’s Gabrielle Moore?

If you have been following me for a while then you know that Gabrielle Moore is one of the most world renowned sex education therapists.? She has helped more than 40,000 couples completely transform their sex lives…

And the only “Better Sex Guru” that I trust.

Naked U – Season 2

gabrielle moore naked u season 2 review

I know the name is kinda cheesy.? But what do I know? ? Naked U season 1 was one of the best-selling sexual “how-to” video series of all time.

I mean hot women and sexy couples actually stripping down and showing you how to have better sex…ok I can see the draw.? It’s hot.

So when Gabrielle listened to her reviews they were mostly overwhelmingly positive.

Except for one reoccurring theme…

Older men felt left out.? All those positions and tips on making women come were great…

But they’ve had the practice.

They wanted to know how to battle what comes next.

How do they fight the effects of Low-T?

How can a man in his 40’s and beyond reverse the side effects of low testosterone and get rock hard erections to please his woman?

That’s why she devote…

Season 2 of Naked U to Great Sex Over 40.

Here’s a little peek inside the box

Learn More About Naked U Season 2 > Go Here

Now you can listen to me go on and on about how awesome these videos are…

How much easier it is to learn when hot women are actually getting naked and showing you what to do.

Or you can just see for yourself.

naked u season 2 harder erections

One thing that really surprised me is as men get older their penises actually get slightly larger.? So if you can use the techniques she teaches to make your penis rock hard you’ll actually be giving your wife (or whoever) more than you ever have before.

Anyway…I’ll update this soon.

Naked U Season 2 isn’t quite available yet but it will be on October 25th.? But I think there’s only going to be 500 copies available so you might want to get on the pre-order notification list.

Etither way you should at least check it out.

It’s sexy…

>>Click Here To See The Girls

Or you can watch this little video I made.

I’m no expert but I had fun.

>>Better Sex After 40<<

Or you can go the boring route and read about harder erections on wiki.

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