3 Best Butt Plugs (According to Top Sex Bloggers)

Have you had the pleasure of using a butt plug yet?

If you have, you’re here because you know how amazing the experience can be and you want to make sure you aren’t missing out on something better.

If you haven’t, you’re here because you are curious. Maybe you’ve heard good things. Or maybe you’ve just heard more about them lately. There’s no question that anal toys are getting more press these days.

And for good reason.

I reached out to some of the top sex bloggers and asked them. What is your favorite butt plug? Here’s what they said.

best butt plugs

Best Butt Plugs

The first response I received was from Cheryl Kaye hailing from Mid-West England. She runs the blog hornygeekgirl.com. On her blog she writes sex toy reviews and talks about her love life.? She was inspired to start Horny Geek Girl after reading sex related blogs and learning about the world of erotica.

She recommends the Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug.


tantus twist butt plug

She had her eye on the Tantus Twist for a while. When she did get one she immediately realized it was bigger than she was expecting. If she had never experienced a smaller plug before she probably would not have tried this toy. But having a little experience (and a few glasses of wine in her) allowed her to give it a go.

I found the ridges on the Twist were great to help ease the plug in as you could turn it like a corkscrew to help get it started moving in. Once it was started those same ridges gave a very pleasant sensation as it was going in and out, and when it was in I felt full, not stretched just nicely filled.

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Next we heard from Epiphora at heyepiphora.com. Now this girl has been around for a while.? Reviewing sex toys since 2008, not only does she have 4 years on me…she has been around longer than most bloggers.

She has over 500 sex toys, works at a sex toy store, and lists the Mona 2 as her over all favorite vibrator (she even carries back-ups just in case.)

She recommends the Fun Factory Bootie and the Njoy Pure Plug. Since Bootie is a repeat recommendation from our next contributor, let’s look at the Njoy Pure Plug.
njoy pure plug stainless steel butt plug

She pretty much says it all in two sentences.

The Pure Plugs seem like flawless, glorious nuggets of shiny stainless steel, and that is exactly what they are.?Put one in your ass, be astounded, THE END.

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And then we have Grace from Princess Previews. A fairly new member of the blogging community, her future is bright.? She was actually a contributor to a previous post – Top Sex Bloggers Reveal Their Favorite Toys and I am happy to have her back.

She recommends Bootie as well.
bootie anal plug

This seems to be a great and comfortable beginner option and Grace says:

In my opinion a good extended wear butt plug is one that isn?t uncomfortable or obtrusive but you can still actively feel inside you, otherwise what is the point of having it in there. I like to be constantly reminded and unable to forget about it, but not in a way that makes it annoying or painful, just a little ?hey, I?m in your butt? reminder every now and then.

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