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Best Glass Vibrators on the Market Today

When it comes to vibrators and sex toys in general there is one material that never gets enough press in my mind.  I’m talking about glass.  Glass is wonderful for sex toys for a number of reasons. Glass vibrators are by far the easiest to keep clean. 

3 Best Selling Glass Dildos

I have mentioned before how much I love glass sex toys.  They are drastically underrated in my opinion.  If you have never tried a glass dildo before I encourage you to buy one ASAP. 6 Reasons I Love Glass Dildos No seams.  Glass is as smooth as

Icicles 31 Glass G-Spot Massager Review

Icicles 31 Glass G-Spot Massager The Icicles 31 Glass G-Spot Massager from Pipedream is extremely easy to use and is the ideal length for G-spot stimulation.  The handle features three “bumps” or bubbles that provide a great grip and allow perfect control.  The other end has a