Best Glass Vibrators on the Market Today

When it comes to vibrators and sex toys in general there is one material that never gets enough press in my mind.  I’m talking about glass.  Glass is wonderful for sex toys for a number of reasons.


  1. Glass vibrators are by far the easiest to keep clean.  Glass in non-porous so icky things like bacteria have no place to hide.  This is also great for anal use for both women and men.  Once cleaned, glass vibrators are essentially good as new.
  2. Glass vibrators are also non-reactive, meaning any lubrication can be used.  When you want a more natural feel, use a water based lube.  When you want a little more lasting power or are taking your toy to the bath tub go with a silicone based lubricant.  And because glass doesn’t break down like other materials, any soap can be used for cleaning.
  3. Glass toys can also retain temperature.  They will warm to your body or can be chilled in the freezer for varying sensations.

I have heard some people complain that glass is too stiff.  But let’s think about that for a second.  When you are having sex with an actual man…isn’t stiff a good thing?  From my experience, the best ones are the ones that are rock hard.  I would guess that any woman complaining about a vibrator being too stiff isn’t using enough lube.  Remember ladies…lubrication is a good thing, even during masturbation.

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