Lelo Mona 2 vs. Gigi 2 – Which is Better?

Which g-spot vibrator is better, Lelo Mona or Lelo Gigi?

This is one of the most common questions I get from my readers so I wanted to address it.  As a matter of fact a wonderful man recently emailed me asking:

I’m looking to purchase a Lelo Gigi 2 or a Lelo Mona 2 for my wife as a present.  I’ve read all your information on both and can’t decide between the two.  She’s looking for G spot stimulation and to possibly squirt for the first time. Was hoping you could point me in the direction of which you prefer?

First of all, Bravo!  Thank you for caring.  Men…take notes from this guy.

So guys, it’s hard to say for sure which one your wife or girlfriend will prefer.  It really depends on the individual.  Both the Gigi 2 and the Mona 2 are excellent vibrators.  The bad news is most women will prefer one over the other.  The good news is that most women will love both.

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Ladies, you know your body.  Read on and you should be able to decide relatively easily.  It just depends on what you are really looking for.

lelo gigi 2 vs mona 2Mona vs. Gigi

I like the Gigi 2 personally.  It’s smaller and delivers more pinpoint accuracy.  It also works great for stimulating my clit as well.  I’m not always in need of a deep g-spot orgasm.  Sometimes a quickie on the clit is perfect.  For this reason, Gigi makes an excellent dual purpose toy.

Mona is definitely geared towards the vaginal orgasm.  It provides more power and gives a more filled up feeling.

Ultimately I think the Mona has the potential for greater orgasms and the Gigi is more of a versatile “every day” vibrator.
There you go.  Short and sweet but ultimately everything you need to know to make the right decision.
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