Are Luxury Sex Toys Really Worth It?

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for just over a year now, and since I’ve started doing this, one question has always been on my mind. Are luxury toys really worth it? Is a Jopen rabbit better than a more reasonably priced one from Cal Exotics? That’s what I’m here to find out. I’m putting my Cal Exotics Posh (my first vibrator ever) and the Jopen Key Leia up against each other to see which one is the most worth it.

Jopen Key Leia

Key by Jopen Leia Dual Action Wand Vibrator pink 4

I got to say: this toy definitely has a unique design. The bottom of the toy is a loop that has the power button and the volume controls. It’s a pleasant change as the loop makes it easier to hold onto the vibe. At the top, we got a rabbit vibrator that also works as a g-spot massager. I’ve never tried a g-spot massager of any kind, so it took me a while to get used to the curved end. This is a great way to start trying out any g-spot toy.

But how well does this toy work? Really well.

The Key Leia is the perfect tool for pleasure for me. Every time I use it, I’ve orgasmed in less than a minute. I’ve never had to increase or decrease the volume so far as it has the right amount of power, but it is fun to play around with the 7 different patterns this toy offers. I was definitely able to reach heights I didn’t think were possible.

So far, Jopen’s Key Leia seems to be worth the hefty price tag but before we declare a winner, let’s check out the competition from Cal Exotics.


Cal Exotics Posh 10-Function Silicone Bounding Bunny Rabbit Vibrator


This was the first vibrator I ever had the pleasure of reviewing. We’ve been through some good times and bad times together. If you want to see my full review of it, you can see it here.

It’s been over a year since I reviewed it the first time. Has my opinion changed? You bet so!

After trying so many powerful vibrators over the past year, this doesn’t do anything for me anymore as the power feels so weak. Maybe it’s because it’s battery powered. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to it. All I know is that there are much more powerful toys out there in the same price range, like the Satisfyer series.


So Are Luxury Vibrators Worth It?

They definitely are. They’re better made, have more power, and can make me feel things that I’ve never felt before. If you’re looking to get a new vibrator, get something from the luxury brand like Jopen, LELO, Jimmyjane or We-Vibe. You may only have one vibe, but it’s a great investment.

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