Vedo Drive Cock Ring Review

I love cock rings. It’s the main reason why I suggest them as a beginner’s  toy for many people; They’re cheap and can help enhance sex in new and exciting ways. That’s why for my first couple’s review (shout out to my JareBear for helping me), I chose a cock ring that I’ve wanted to try for months: the Vedo Drive.

What’s So Special About the Vedo Drive?


The Drive is meant to be worn during sex on the base of the penis to restrict the blood flow in the penis. This can allow for the man to be harder for longer periods of time, delaying an orgasm for the man. But that can be said about any cock ring.

The unique thing about the Drive is it’s curved tip. The top half of this ring comprises of an upward curving tip meant to stimulate a woman’s clitoris while it’s vibrating, making it easier to her to have a better orgasm during sex.  

First Impressions


I found that there’s a theme with all the sex toys I buy: I always expect things to be bigger than they are. I was expecting the hole where the penis goes to be bigger so that it could fit more men comfortably, but I also figured it could stretch around any penis easily.

Feeling it in my hands for the first time, the entire device felt smooth and silky to the touch; almost like really expensive lingerie. It took me a while to find the power button as it’s small, but once I got it going, the vibrations felt pretty good in my hand. There is a small hole in the back of the toy that exposes the vibrator part, which I found odd in terms of design and hygiene, but if it doesn’t meddle with anything, it’s all good.

Now onto the fun part…

Getting Wild

While this wasn’t my first time with cock rings, it was definitely my partner’s first time trying any sex toys, so I was putting my own advice to use.

When we first tried putting it on, he put it on so that the tip was facing the wrong way, which was easily adjusted. We could only get it halfway down the shaft before it become painful for my partner to have on. However, at that point, the ring was described as being tight, but not too tight, like a pair of jeans half a size too small.

While doing the down and dirty, I found it  difficult to fully enjoy the session for two reasons. As the cock ring could only go halfway down, that meant only half the pleasure could be fulfilled with vaginal penetration. I still enjoyed that part of the session though. The part I really hated was the vibrating part of the cock ring. The vibrations themselves could be felt by both my partner and me, but it felt more like an insect buzzing around than a sex toy. Not to mention that it also didn’t line up with the body parts it was suppose to.

Needless to say, after a few minutes, we took the ring off.

So, Is it Worth It?


This is the Ghostbusters 2016 of cock rings.  It’s not bad, it’s not good, but I feel like it would be better if I didn’t have something that I’m constantly comparing it to.

To put this into retrospect, my favourite cock ring is the Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrating Couples Ring, and like everything you like, you always compare the old with the new. Fifty Shades is able to stretch a lot better around penises and the vibrations were much more intense, even though the actual vibrator was smaller than the Drive. As a result, it was able to give me a mind blowing experience. This is my original Ghostbusters and I would recommend it over the Drive every single time.

While I seem a little harsh on the Vedo Drive, I will give it this: the overall design is not bad. The way that it’s designed right now can probably work for many men and couples, especially on circumcised penises. However, in order for me to pick up this ring and give it another try, Vedo should come out with a few different size variations to make it more inclusive for all. Who knows, maybe that way, more people can have a great experience with the toy and the brand.

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