The Male Sex Toy Sizing Problem


I know it’s weird for a woman to be talking about male sex toys for a blog but hear me out.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to try out a girth extension. It was supposed to be a one size fits all, but I thought that it would fit. After 20 minutes of trying and trying and trying, it would not go on. He was literally too big for a girth extension, but this isn’t the first time a situation like this has happened.

I’m not the only one who has dealt with the sizing issues around male sex toys, so I asked this question on Reddit and got a few responses. However, when researching this topic, it was very hard to find information. Why? Because most information surrounding male sex toys centers around introducing men to the basic of sex toys (materials, types of toys, functions. etc.) instead of focusing around specific topics like sizing a toy. And anyone who has seen a penis in real life will tell you that one size will NEVER fit all.

Male sex toys have a unique distinction from their female counterparts. When it comes to a toy like a dildo or a butt plug, there is one measurement for diameter as there is only one place to measure the diameter. With toys such as cock rings and masturbators, there are two diameters that need to be taken into account when sizing the toy: the outer and inner diameter.


You can start to see the problem here. Both measurements are needed to make sure you get the best fit, yet many companies only disclose one of the measurements, specifically the outer diameter. Tell me how you’re supposed to know if something fits you when a key element is not included. It’s like buying a pair of jeans online without knowing how big your hips are. It’s also important to note that the diameters as a whole don’t really mean anything unless you know how stretchy/firm the toy material is. You can get away with slightly smaller sizing with stretchier toys than you can with firm ones.

So if you’re a guy, or want to introduce your guy to popular sex toys, here’s what you need to do to make sure you get the right sized toy:

Know Your Measurements

Male sex toys are a bit like clothes shopping online; it’s always best to know your measurements ahead of time to know what’s going to fit you properly. So break out the measuring tape and don’t be afraid to get really intimate with yourself, especially in the girth department. This way, when you see the measurements that the sex toy companies are giving you, you’ll have a good idea if the product will fit.

Look for Keywords

If you plan to look for sex toys online, look for specific keywords in the product description and details along with the materials and measurements given. Look for terms that give you an idea of how elastic the product is such as “stretchy” or “firm”, or even “soft”. Some sex toy stores will even provide the texture of a toy in the product details, which can be a good indication. Large or extra large are also keywords to look for if you’re finding the majority of male sex toys to be too small like I have.

When all else fails, feel it

If you’re still a little unsure of what a toy will feel like before you buy it, go to your local sex store. Many will have displays that will allow you to interact with toys. I recommend this method before buying a toy as this way, you can see with your own eyes how big the toy is, along with the feel and elasticity. Just make sure you don’t break the display.

Follow these guidelines and take a look at what’s available within the male sex toy market and see what toys are right for you.


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