#1 Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples – Svakom Tyler Review

The good folks at Svakom enlisted the help of my husband this time.  Sending me a Tyler to review.

svakom tyler vibrating penis ring

What’s A Tyler?

Tyler is a “vibrating couples ring.” (Aka Cock Ring or Penis Ring)  It is meant to be worn during sex, on the base penis and serves a few purposes.  It can be worn just around the penis or around the penis & balls.

Like any good cock ring, Tyler restricts the blood flow in the penis.  This essentially traps blood in the penis making:

  1. His penis slightly bigger than “usual.”
  2. His penis slightly harder than “normal.”

A penis ring may also delay orgasm or allow him to maintain his erection beyond that of his own orgasm. And some men report stronger than average orgasms while wearing a ring due to the increased engorgement and delayed orgasm.

There’s An Added Bonus For You

The thing that sets Tyler apart from normal penis rings is the vibrations.  On the top of the ring (or the bottom if worn upside down – which is fun for doggy style btw) is a fairly large vibrator designed to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse.

svakom tyler vibrating cock ring

And boy does this thing vibrate.  Generally vibrating rings are buzzy and weak.  Good rings have a deeper and more rumbly vibration.  And the best penis rings are strong.

The first vibrating couples ring that we tried was the Lelo Tor.  And we were happy with it.  For us, using a vibrating ring was an every-once-in-a-while thing that added a little excitement.  And the Tor 2 checked all the boxes.  It was a luxury toy that was covered in soft, body safe silicone.  It was well made.  Tight enough without being too tight.  And it had great vibrations that were strong.

Well I have to say…I think Svakom’s Tyler is actually stronger. I have to imagine that Tyler is the strongest vibrating cock ring available on the market.

This toy is so good it could be used for solo sessions.  This thing will bring you to orgasm.

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Which is Better?

Lelo Tor 2 vs. Svakom Tyler

Both are great and you would be totally thrilled with either one.  And I totally recommend every couple get one of these for their toy drawer.  But I know that’s not the answer you want so…

It all depends on what you want.

  • If you want a discreet vibrating ring that almost becomes a part of his penis – Go with Tor 2
  • If you want a vibrating ring that is super strong – Go with Tyler
  • If his penis is huge – Go with Tyler
  • If you plan on using this every time you have sex – Go with Tor 2
  • If you plan on using this during drunk sex – Go with Tyler (it’s bigger so it’s easier to hit the right spot)
  • If his penis is smaller – Go with Tor 2
  • If you want the cheaper option but still demand quality in your toys – Go with Tyler

The Takeaway

The bottom line is, if you are in a relationship.  And you’re having sex.  You should totally get a vibrating cock ring.  They’re fun.  Easy to use.  And a simple way to spice it up.

Stay away from the cheap ones.  They suck.

Go with Tor or Tyler.

See my full review of Tor 2.

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svakom tyler features list


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