Sex Toys for Men: Male Masturbators

Every now and then I like to do a little post for the guys that visit my site.  And I am not talking about tips to please a woman, which actually ends up being yet another post for the ladies.  I am talking about a genuine good deed.  Here’s the chance for the men to be a little selfish because you deserve it.  BTW ladies.  This is a gift your man is sure to love.

Best Selling Male Masturbators

Sometimes you just have to go with an original.  The Fleshlight Pink Lady is the original male masturbator.  It has been used by more men than any other male sex toy in history.  The patented Real Feel Superskin is soft, pliable, and warms to the touch.  The first thing men always say is “I couldn’t believe how real it felt.”  Just make sure you have plenty of lube.

The Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator is a bit more pricey than some alternatives but as they say, you get what you pay for.  And with proper care, the Fleshlight should last a lifetime.


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