I love a good public toy. I’ve been very vocal about it and have even written an article about it. So it should be no surprise that I sought out a pair of vibrating panties to try with my boyfriend during the rare time we see each other in person.

First Impressions


While I know I was getting panties with a vibrator, I didn’t expect what I got from Californa Exotics. The panties themselves were made of thin lace with a cotton patch on the inside to slide a vibrator into and ribbon that could be used for gift wrapping that you would tie together on the sides. It was almost guaranteed that it would break by the end of the day.

The vibrator itself was shaped like a bean so that it can work with the body’s curve. All I can say to describe it is “cute and average sized”. As for the remote, there is only one button on it. It takes a single click to turn it on and go through the settings, but you have to hold the button to turn it off. You can’t increase the intensity or know what setting is coming next, which I’m not a big fan of. Now let’s see how this product works in the field…

Getting Down to Business


I decided to try the vibrator out at a county fair of all places, which meant that it had to endure constant walking, rides, and even a corn maze. Obviously, I wanted to put it through some good challenges. Whenever I was sitting down and having food, the vibrator often was trying to force itself up instead of staying in place. This meant that no vibrations were hitting the right place which got really annoying after a while.

Walking around wasn’t a walk in the park either. Every step made the vibrator move around in the panties and have to readjust at least every 5 minutes as it got uncomfortable really easily. Eventually, I ended up getting rid of the vibrator as it was annoying me more than it was pleasuring me.

The weird thing was my boyfriend loved this toy (obviously, he wasn’t the one wearing it). As this toy has a remote, he found it easy to control and use. The remote was easy to hide in giant man pockets, but I found that that made it easier for the vibrator to accidentally turn on, which cause all the problems I stated before.

Final Verdict

There are so many faults with this toy that I cannot recommend it to anyone. The vibrator falls out easily in the panties they gave me which fell apart way too easily and it was not powerful enough for me. You’re better off getting something like the Bluemotion Nex Remote Controlled Vibrator from OhMiBod than this.


  • Materials
  • Ease of Use
  • Power
  • Value
  • Design