This rabbit made me squirt and I was completely shocked. I love it when rabbit vibrators can surprise me but in no way was I expecting to squirt from this purple rabbit with the silly name. I think I’m still kind of shocked how much I loved this rabbit, to be honest, so let me go back to the beginning and share my tale with you.

I was sent this toy by Betty’s Toy Box and although I have tried several rabbits, I have to admit I was curious to see how a triple stimulator would pan out. After all, the perfect rabbit can be hard to find and, though I have tried some great ones like the Ina Wave, I had doubts that anything could pull off a three way with any success.  I now admit that I was wrong.

The ridiculous name of this rabbit comes from the array of flashing lights that are found around the base. It’s like a disco party for your vulva. It’s all a bit unnecessary unless you’re prone to masturbating in front of a mirror but I forgive it this one flaw because this rabbit is awesome.


The Disco Triple Play is a rabbit but the lovely engineers at Evolved Novelties have included a soft, flexible, and tapered anal stimulator as well. The anal arm is nice and long, so it can not only reach but kind of hugs your perineum along the way. Very nice if you like a little rim tickling and mild anal penetration.

The vaginal arm has a great g-spot curve and the tip is nice and bulbous so that it really hits your g-spot firmly. It also has some ridges that add to the sensation. The clitoral arm is wide and flexible with the same kind of ridging. What this means is that you can either aim the tip of this arm at your clitoris for more pointed stimulation, or you can rub the ridged flat side against your clitoris for a more encompassing stimulation.


First of all, this rabbit is POWERFUL. In fact, it may be the most powerful rabbit I have ever tried. I don’t know if it’s the placement of the 2 motors of the Disco power of the light show, but the lowest setting had my toes curling in a very good way.

The second thing I noticed was how the curves hugged me. The bulb of the tip went straight for my g-spot and the clitoral arm makes great contact. With the strength of the vibration added on, it was a bit overwhelming but in a very good way.

The anal stimulator took a second to figure out but with a little bit of lube it was sliding along my perineum and tickling my rim. The vibrations of the shaft travel up the anal stimulator so that you feel it without it being overwhelming. With the right positioning, you can get it inserted just that little bit and it felt fantastic.



This rabbit got me to orgasm so fast the first time I used it, I was thinking in the back of my brain “what on earth is happening?” I don’t even think I ever left the first level of vibration. I scrolled through and quickly got to the patterns instead because vibrational patterns don’t usually work for me and I figured those would slow me down. Apparently, I was wrong. The patterns flip between the two motors (1 in the shaft and 1 in the clitoral arm) with such power that I had to just go back to the lowest straight vibration setting and leave it at that.

Part of the reason for the very quick and very sudden, very squirting orgasm was the positioning of the rabbit. In order to have the anal arm along your perineum tickling or entering the anus, you kind of have to keep the vaginal and clitoral arms in place with short, thrusting movements. Once everything is lined up just perfectly, BAM! Squirt city.

The box says that this vibe is also waterproof but I’m afraid to try because I’m so wrung out after using it, I just want to roll over and take a nap.


I have been doing this long enough to know that not everything works for everybody. This toy fits my anatomy perfectly and I was able to get a great triple stimulation squirting orgasms out of it. If you like the idea of some shallow anal stimulation with your vibrator, the price on this one is fairly reasonable considering it is silicone, waterproof, and rechargeable. It is also incredibly powerful so I would recommend it on that basis alone. If anal stimulation doesn’t do anything for you, there is also a more traditional Disco Bunny Rabbit Vibrator by the same folks.


  • Materials
  • Ease of Use
  • Power
  • Value
  • Design


I love it when rabbit vibrators can surprise me but in no way was I expecting to squirt from this purple rabbit with the silly name.

Pros: Fast orgasm through this toy, very powerful, g-spot friendly, silicone, rechargeable
Cons: Anal stimulator may not be for everyone