The Svakom Mini Emma is billed as a mini wand massager but I had my doubts when I opened the box. After all, wands are powerful orgasms machines and the Mini Emma was so petite and cute. Well, I just learned never to judge a vibrator before you turn it on!



Svakom Mini Emma in the box

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that it was actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. Anything called”mini” puts me in mind of a bullet vibe but the Mini Emma is almost 7 inches long and the bulb at the end is about the size of a ping pong ball (1.5 inches across). The second thing I noticed was that it came with a velvety storage pouch, which is a huge bonus for silicone toys because they pick up lint and cat hair like crazy. That’s the price you pay for such a silky, smooth, seamless toy that’s totally body safe and can be completely disinfected, though.


Svakom Mini Emma illuminated control panel when turned on

How It Works

The Mini Emma has a really simple 3 button display that lets you control the level of intensity and vibration. It has 5 levels of vibration that go from soft and barely there up to shockingly strong, rumbly vibration. Hold the middle button a couple of seconds to turn it on and once it’s on, click that button again if you want to activate the pulsation mode which Svakom calls the “S” mode. This pulsation mode can also go from gentle up to pretty pounding pulses that feel absolutely fantastic.

Mine was already charged when I opened it and it can run 2 hours before you have to recharge for another 1.5 hours. And that’s the other great thing – it’s rechargeable! No batteries to worry about so just find yourself a USB hub and you’re good to go.


Svakom Mini Emma Bending Neck

My Experience

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this vibrator. It has the same kind of rumbly power as a We-Vibe Touch but with a bigger head to cover your clitoris and a longer handle (about 5 inches) that allows you great control. It is also fully insertable so you can really zone in on your g-spot with all that power. If you are a squirter, this is going to make you squirt. If you’re trying to learn how, I think Mini Emma may be the vibrator for you. If you like to take your toys in the tub, Mini Emma is the perfect companion because she is fully water submersible, with a shape that lets you hang on better when things get wet. Although the head is rigid, the neck has some bend, so it can work with your body.

The Drawbacks

I didn’t find any big flaws in this toy. The touch pad is pretty sensitive so to avoid any mid-session accidental turn-offs make sure you keep it turned away from where you’re gripping it. It is also a vibrator that is on the small side so it is not going to give you a full feeling like a toy that has a wider shaft. I also don’t recommend it for anal play because of the overall shape and no significant flare to the base.

Svakom Mini Emma fully rechargeable with USB port

Svakom Mini Emma fully rechargeable with USB port

Who Should Try Mini Emma

I recommend this toy for anybody with a clitoris and a g-spot, really. It has power in a small package and is a sleek, portable option when you just don’t want you wand.  It is perfect for clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, and to help achieve a squirting orgasm. A+ in my opinion.