I had been eyeing the LELO Ina Wave since it first came out and I have to say that when I finally held it in my hands, I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. LELO makes some of my absolute favorite toys and you can always trust them for quality and durability so I leaped at the chance to review their newest Dual Stimulator (Rabbit).



I love a good dual stimulator but the Ina Wave promised one feature I had never experienced before in a rabbit – a beckoning g-spot arm. The reason for the Wave in Ina’s name is its unique come hither waving motion which bends the already-curved shaft up into your body, seeking out your g-spot and giving it a firm seeing to.

It doesn’t just wave, though. The LELO Ina Wave also has a powerful motor and 10 different functions of wave and vibration that you can run through. It also remembers where you left off when you turn it off so that you can start again easily.


First of all, I have to give LELO credit for their lovely packaging. The Ina Wave come in a sturdy cardboard case, nestled in a spongy bed and they always include a storage bag as well as a sample of their lube.

LELO INA Wave in Pink nestled in its box

Thankfully the Ina Wave is easy to figure out because I am incredibly impatient and absolutely hate reading manuals. It only took me a minute to figure out that ? and ? took you up and down through the patterns while + and – increased or decreased vibration. The patterns include the control of the waving motion, so you have to scroll through until it hits a pattern with wave, then scroll back down to turn it off. It does have patterns of vibration with no wave at all, which is nice when you’re just getting started, and you can make those stronger and more intense as you go.

The Ina Wave remembers what pattern you were using when you turn it off, then back on, which is nice if you have a consistent favorite. I did find it a little bit confusing figuring out which way to scroll to get it back to a nice gentle rumble but again, I am impatient so take this with a grain of salt.

When you’re holding this vibe in your hand, don’t be horrified that the waving motion has a fairly noisy mechanical sound to it. That gets muffled when you have the arm inside you working its magic. Overall, it’s actually a very quiet vibrator with a deep rumble.


I liked the size of this vibe. It’s not too long, and not to thick plus the clitoral nub has a flexibility to it so you can make sure it’s hitting you in the right place. You can just kind of find your sweet spot and pretty much hold it still, letting the Ina do all the work while you enjoy the build-up. If you do want to do some thrusting though, the handle is nice and bulbous enough that it’s not in the way but easy to keep your grip on. Like most vibes, the controls are on the handle so there’s always a danger of accidentally pressing something when you didn’t mean to.

If you don’t think you would use the waving function, you’re in luck! LELO Ina 2 is the same wonderful dual stimulator but without the waving function and I love the unique color selections!



Overall this is a vibe that I will keep in my bedside drawer for when I want a powerful dual stimulation experience. I won’t always use the wave function because sometimes a lady just wants to do the work herself, but when I want to lay back and be swept away, I will reach for the Lelo Ina Wave.


  • Quality
  • Design
  • Odor
  • Noise
  • Value


Kelly tackles the LELO Ina Wave Dual Stimulator at long last! See what you she has to say about this g-spot rabbit powerhouse.

Cons: Pricier than most rabbits on the market