Our New Years Resolutions

Hello dear readers. Happy 2017 to you all. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for spending time with us in 2017 and to share some of our resolutions for ILMV in the new year!


You may have noticed that we have some new faces here. I’m going to be taking a step back for a bit and focus on my family for a while but I have found for you two wonderful ladies who will be taking over. Kelly and Kylie are 100% on board with my mission to explore their sexuality and bring you the best vibrators (and dildos and butt plugs etc.) out there!

You may have also noticed that we’ve partnered with the store Betty’s Toy Box for any online purchases. The folks at Betty’s have proven time and again to be helpful and knowledgeable when I’ve been making my own purchases and I couldn’t think of a better store to recommend to my readers.

So, with the introductions out of the way, here are our New Years Resolutions!

To bring you even more fantastic vibrators and sex advice than ever before!

To have FUN talking about and exploring our sexuality

To listen to all of you and bring you what YOU want and need

To try new things in our lives and in the bedroom without fear or stigma


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