I gave my wife the Lelo Soraya and here’s what happened

My wife and I started using vibrators together within the last year.  We had an old bullet style that was made of plastic, took C batteries and the speed variation was controlled by a twisty knob on the end.  It was fun to play with.  And my wife received some pleasure from it.  But it never made her orgasm.  I broke it in the heat of the moment while my hands were slippery and I was trying to turn it off.  I over tightened the end and that old toy never worked the same.  While I enjoyed using it on her and loved watching her use it, I was determined to find something that would change our sex life forever.

Enter the Lelo Soraya

Much like Olivia (founder of ilovemyvibrators.com), I was in search for the perfect vibrator!  After much research, including coming across Ilovemyvibrators.com, I had read enough positive reviews.  I decided to give the Lelo Soraya to my wife as an early Christmas present when we had our next date night.

lelo soraya vibrator in luxury packaging

If you are not familiar with Lelo, they present themselves as a luxury brand.  This image starts with their website, continues with the packaging, and finishes with their product.  The presentation is definitely one of class and luxury.  The case is felt lined and is nice enough enough to keep as your primary storage container.  Also included is a storage bag if you prefer, the charger and a sample of Lelo’s own lubricant.  Lelo Soraya is available in 3 colors, Deep Rose (a shade of purple), Cerise (a hot pink), and Black.

A Man’s Review: Lelo Soraya Luxury Rabbit Vibrator

The design of Soraya is intriguing, sexy, and yes, luxurious.  This is a waterproof rabbit style vibrator. The clitoral simulator is flexible for her body, and it contains 3 control buttons.  The first increases the vibration, the second cycles through the 8 vibration cycles, and the third decreases vibration.

The first 3 cycles are rather basic.

  • It starts with both sections of the Soraya vibrating (internal & external)
  • The second only vibrates the larger section (internal)
  • The third isolates the clitoral stimulation

The remaining 5 vibration settings offer variations in intensity and location.  I’ll let you name them with your own use.  Probably something like Hell Yes!!!

The silicone on the outside of the toy is the highest quality as with all Lelo products and the charge will last approximately 3-4 hours.

Don’t forget to charge Soraya before the first use! I charged ours as soon as I could get Soraya out of it’s box so it would be ready upon presentation to my wife.

Presenting and Using the Lelo Soraya

The presentation of a new sex toy can be a fun and creative way to spice up your sex life.  It can also make or break her interest in using the toy, depending on how she perceives your presentation.  How you present the toy depends on what type you are giving, how often you use toys in your sex lives (together and alone), and your partner’s personality.  For a device made by Lelo, I would recommend a romantic approach.  Presenting her new Lelo Soraya on a romantic bed is how I started.  From there we learned to use the toy together.  Rose pedals, candles, music by The Weekend are all good starts!

lelo soraya vibrator on bed

At first I used the new vibrator on her.  I went through the speeds and cycles slowly.  I then brought her hand to the base, guided her finger to each button and talked her through it’s navigation.  She did not climax the first time we used the toy, but much of that time was spent educating ourselves.

I was not ready to give up!  My wife is new to self stimulation, so it was a bit of a surprise to me when she wanted to use Soraya again the next night.  After warming her up and applying the included lube, I let her do all the work.  She started with the first speed, which she enjoyed and I loved watching.  As her orgasm started to build, she switched to the third cycle to stimulate her clitoris.  My wife had multiple orgasms within minutes of each other, and she rarely has orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation.  The design of Soraya allows it to be easily clinched between her legs, freeing up both hands.  She later had another orgasm while using Soraya and holding “me” in her hand with some oral play mixed in as well.  Success!

My wife had multiple orgasms within minutes of each other, and she rarely has orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation.

Two nights later I decided we should test the toy for it’s waterproof capabilities.  As I stated before, my wife has not been one to engage in solo masturbation very often.  I have offered support in her doing so throughout our relationship.  We have had phone sex during periods of our relationship that have been long distance, and in some occasions she has gotten in the mood while reading a sexy book alone.

lelo soraya waterproof rabbit vibrator on bubble bath

My wife also rarely takes baths. Our jetted tub is used for our kids more than anything.  It is typically filled with rubber duckies, our kids’ other bath toys and their child themed hooded towels.  I knew it would take a special presentation to seduce her into wanting to go solo in the bath.  To prepare, I cleaned the bathroom, removed all signs of the children, lit candles, offered champagne, and in the center of it all was Soraya.  I made her dinner, put the kids to bed early and let her read a book while I prepared the bath.

Remember guys, your wife or girlfriend has to be comfortable, relaxed and free of distractions to be completely receptive to new sexual behavior.

I thought about listening to her masturbate.  Perhaps by having her call me on her phone and leaving the speaker on so I could listen in silence (feel free to try this at home if she wants to share her special time with you) but I decided to just let her have time to herself.

While I wasn’t present for the Soraya water test, I can tell you that it worked in the water, and she climaxed.  She was also ready for some time with me when she got out of the tub.

The Takeaway

My wife has never had so many orgasms in such a short amount of time before I introduced Soraya into our sexual relationship!  Lelo has hit a home run with this toy and we have really enjoyed using it.  The only negative comment from our experience was that the buttons are a little hard to maneuver at times. It could help if Soraya’s buttons were raised ever so slightly for solo play.  That is of little concern however as I highly recommend using luxury vibrators.  And the Lelo Soraya is the Bentley of rabbit vibrators.


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