kGoal: Smart Kegel Trainer

Want to do your kegel exercises?  Now there’s an app for that.


kGoal is an interactive training system for your vagina.  Technology meets pelvic floor exercise.  kGoal is a kegel trainer that not only gives you real time feedback but makes it easy to track your performance. It’s also adaptable to your individual body because the inserted pillow has a vent that allow it to expand or contract to fit you just right. Pretty neat, huh?

kGoal with app

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to these things. I know that I’m supposed to do kegels and strengthen my pelvic floor but it’s easy to forget. The K-Goal turns it into a routine, like any other exercise routine and it gives you feedback and programs to follow. It also gives you something to resist against, which gives a whole different feel to kegel exercises. If you want to take your kegels seriously and have stronger orgasms and better pelvic floor strength, this may be just the product for you!


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