How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Man

Using toys in the bedroom can be a fun way for a couple to spice things up, but you have be careful when you introduce sex toys to your partner.

Saying the wrong thing could make your partner feel as if he isn’t adequate for you in bed. Or even worse, they maybe totally against the idea of using a vibrator or other toys, especially if he has never used one. However, there are ways to introduce them to your partner and make using them fun.

Talk about Toys

Many women have owned at least one vibrator at some point in their lives. They’ve been bought out of either curiosity or necessity when they were single. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing up the subject, leave your vibrator somewhere in plain sight so your partner can’t miss seeing it. When they find it, assure them that it was something you had used in the past, but then use it as an opening to talk about how good it made you feel.

Be positive during the discussion and reassure your partner that you love having sex with them.  A sex toy should enhance your time in the bedroom rather than make it a competition. It is important to pick an appropriate time for this discussion. Right before having sex is probably not the time to be talking about bringing sex toys into play in the bedroom.

Take a Field Trip

Go to your favorite adult store and browse the aisles for something fun. Show your partner that there are more sex toys than just dildos. Start with something subtle, such as a heated lube or a feather to tickle him during foreplay. Your talk about sex toys doesn’t have to be serious because they are for fun, not a replacement for what you already have with your partner.

Most men are willing to use sex toys in the bedroom, but the subject does need to be approached in a caring, loving manner. When you do decide to use toys in the bedroom, go shopping for them together. Make it a fun outing or, if you don’t want to venture into an adult store, shop online to find a toy the two of you would like to try. As long as the discussion is honest and positive, it can lead to many satisfying experiences in the bedroom.


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